Yoga for Therapy


The Gentle Yoga class is a therapeutic class aimed at those who feel the strength of a general class too challenging for their particular needs. This may be due to a medical condition or simply as they reach their autumnal years.

The class focuses on gentle exercise to ease tension and discomfort. It aims to improve mobility, strength and flexibility. There is a strong emphasis on meditation and relaxation to bring about a sense of calmness and positivity. Much of the work is in chairs and is tailored to meet the individual needs of the participants.



Diane Stewart

"I am a great fan and can recommend it to anyone who wants to keep stiffness at bay while maximising their mobility, as well as, having great fun taking part"

May Fielder

"This is a well thought out, gentle yoga class, for muscles and minds that need a bit of coaxing now. Just glad to be a part of it"

Isobel McAslan

"The Gentle Yoga sessions are lovely. It brings us together in our various ages and conditions, we move more muscles than we ever knew we had, we laugh a lot but also have deep and profound moments of relaxation and meditation emerging renewed and reinvigorated having exercised both our bodies and our minds..... it feels great!"