YOGA KIDS for Primary Schools

Yoga Kids is consistent with the aims of promoting fitness, health and well being within schools as well as many other aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Each session is based upon a theme, this maybe something the children have expressed an interest in or is relevant to them at that period of time, a book they enjoy or a story they make up themselves as we progress through the session.

The session begins with a quiet time when the children are encouraged to sit or lie quietly. As they focus on the natural rhythm of their breath we begin our story.

The story may involve animals we encounter on our journey. As we do so the children are encouraged to adopt the different yoga postures e.g. the cat, snake etc. They are also encouraged to integrate the movement with their breath as they make the sounds of the animals (such as the hissing of a snake or the wind blowing through the trees etc.)

As they work in the postures the children will be encouraged to make their own observations about how they are feeling, what parts of the body they are using etc. We may also have a question and answer time.

The session will end with some quiet guided meditation.


Anstruther Primary

"I meant to tell you HMIe were very impressed with your yoga lesson and were thrilled about yoga being in primary schools. They had never seen it before"
...Alison Anderson, Head Teacher

P3, Anstruther Primary school

Yoga rocks.
 Our teacher is cool
 Good fun
 Are you ready for yoga

P2-4, Fair Isle Primary School

I felt more relaxed and I felt like I started a new life

I felt all tired and tight and relaxed

P3/4/5 Colinsburgh Primary

I like stretching my muscles

I like lying down and breathing