Yoga Kids

What is Yoga Kids?

Yoga Kids is a fun approach to yoga. It blends storytelling, games, music, expressive and aesthetic skills, with imaginative yoga movement and breath. It engages and supports the child in their natural growth and development.

What benefits can Yoga Kids bring to your child?

Children today increasingly come under stress from peer pressure, their environment and from the expectations of others around them. Stress not only affects the way children learn and develop, it has an impact on how they interact with their surroundings, as well as, their health, well-being and self esteem.

Aside from the obvious benefit of providing a physical outlet, yoga helps children develop many wonderful qualities as it builds strength, flexibility and coordination. Yoga supports children in developing body awareness and self-control. It provides a tool to enable them to take control, and cope with the pace of modern life, as they learn how to release tension and restlessness.

Yoga enables children to become more effective learners as it creates focus and a relaxed awareness, and helps them to channel their impulses in a positive way that instils calm, confidence and balance. It provides them with skills that they can carry beyond school and into their daily lives.



...for Pre-School & Nurseries

I like to be a bird

...anon Paxton Nursery

I felt big & tall

...anon Largo Pre school Group

The magic carpet was fun

...anon St Monans Playgroup

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Yoga Kids

...for Primary Schools

Children engaged with teacher and lesson. Super vehicle for concentration, listening skills as well as physical activity. Eagle exercise –challenging. Most children coped well, although some immature behaviour displayed. Enjoyment evident. Good pace –super range of exercises. Something for everyone to succeed at

...Mrs Hall, Depute Head Teacher, Anstruther Primary School

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Yoga Teens

...for Secondary Schools

I loved the Yoga, it helped me relax and I felt really good afterwards

... anon S3, Waid Academy

"I wish we could have yoga more often"

... anon S3, Waid Academy

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