Yoga for Adults

The Adult classes are based in Anstruther Town Hall, a wonderful light and spacious environment in which to practice yoga. The classes are suitable for adults of all ages and stages of life from beginners, to intermediate and those seeking a more gentle form of yoga.

For more information on Gentle Yoga visit our yoga 'For Therapy' page.


I am available to run courses for teachers within schools and / or staff members within companies or organisations to help alleviate stress levels and promote health and fitness.



Jill Bentley

"Sometimes I'm bendy, sometimes I'm not but hey I'm so relaxed I don't give a jot! A friendly face, yoga at your own pace's total indulgence, no tv, no phone -no demands on me. Just focused me time -pure bliss, I love it!! "

Christine Crow

"A calm, friendly manner, thorough yet relaxed, with no tortuous postures to make you feel over-taxed; not over jocular, not over glum, but a quiet sense of humour and serious fun; professionally designed to stretch and release with attention to detail and breathing and peace. "

Margaret Henderson

"Alison demonstrates most of the postures and gives different options depending on degree of aptitude. She comes well prepared and has a good variety of exercises. I come out feeling quite relaxed ready to enjoy the social side of to it! "